Reduce Reuse Recycle... PET Bottles

The main idea of these products is to reuse an object or material that was supposed to die and was about to be dumped. Water bottles, soda bottles and many other objects are usually created with plastic, among which PET is favorite because of its characteristics. Transparent, light, chemical resistant, heat resistant and excellent preserving qualities for products, are some of these characteristics that make this particular material perfect for containing from food to construction materials.
Within the creation process of these materials none of these qualities are lost, which becomes then part of the advantages. Now, with a list of positive things and a new crafted form that makes them look like carved in a delicate bubble, these beautiful bowls are here to stay and continue adapting to the user's needs.

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Asymmetrical bowl made reusing a water bottle of 10 liters.
¡Now you are ready to hold gallons of good ideas!

Flower container reusing PET bottles with hand-painted details.

There are many options to use this bowls; Could be the most beautiful home for that plan that will help to purify the air at home; could be use as a flower vase (also floating ones!) and make a room look nicer; they could contain colorful candy that will sweeten your life; they could... they could be whatever you want! With some flame, folds, curves, holes and some extra touches, you can make of this "waste", a recipient that looks like it was made of cristal decorated with spring flowers, in which each detail is part of its new life.
Now we can have a "good looking" product, hand made with the heart and at the same time reduce the environmental impact extending the life of these plastic bottles.

All of them are easy to wash and clean, they don't brake easily, they are not toxic, and thanks to its transparency and shapes, its looks can change depending of what it contains; they can be serious, happy, for the living room and even for the kitchen... these and many more advantages are put together in these products to help your ideas...

Elongated container reusing a plastic bottle with flowers and leaves of the same material.
Because of its length is ideal for magazines or flowers, filling the bottom with stones or glass beads, is the perfect complement to decorate the space.

Pen Holder made with a 1 Liter water bottle
¡It is perfect to hold gallons of colors to express yourself better!

A container that can be as chic as you want

Recipient with a spring flowers shower, perfect for your candy, pieces of color fabrics or anything you want to "put away" but never loose the sight of it!

A big heart bowl full of textures that make life happier...

Coca-Cola Flower Vase

PET flowers

Organic forms for your home

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